The agricultural cycle begins to give good news: there will be a historical record for wheat

“These days the winter crops of the 2018/2019 season are coming to an end with very good production results”, analyzes the latest IERAL report. The production of wheat, the dominant cereal at this time of year, would be consolidated according to private and official sources, in a figure close to 19 million tons, a new historical record for official records.

Hand in hand with this very good harvest, cereal exports could approach 13 million tons in 2019, generating foreign exchange for almost US $ 3,000 million (US $ 500 million higher than in 2018). The cereal ratifies a remarkable recovery since the market operates with greater freedom and lower taxes. “It must be remembered that, with external prices higher than the current ones, exports averaged 6 million tons between 2008 and 2015 and that the generation of foreign currency was US $ 1,530 million annually,” the report said.

For the economy of the producer and of those actors that are linked to agriculture, another positive fact is the very good purchasing power that cereal has in the domestic market (in terms of consumer goods and services). It is estimated that the wheat of the 18/19 harvest could average $ 7,400 a tonne in the Rosario market (at constant prices) in the strongest marketing months (December 18 / April 19), almost 50% more than in the same period. last year’s period. These days, the harvest of the winter crops of the 2018/2019 cycle is ending, with very good results in terms of production.

In the case of wheat, the production would be located at a figure close to 19 million tons according to the estimates of the Bolsa de Cereals of Buenos and the Secretariat of Agribusiness of the Nation. Considering official historical records, it would be the largest volume of this cereal produced in Argentina. In the case of barley, the second relevant winter cereal, the production would be located in a range of between 3.8 and 4.6 million tons, according to the latest surveys of the two aforementioned institutions, a figure that although It is not a record, it will be very close to the best years.